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With over 1 million e liquid flavor combinations, we guarantee your ability to create the ultimate vaping experience. Select from the top e juice flavors and strengths to produce the perfect blend of vapor liquid. The best tasting e liquids are those tailored specifically to your taste. Selecting the get started button will direct you to the DIY online vape recipe generator. That’s right, you can make your own vapor liquid combinations with the MigVapor DIY e juice recipe creator.

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As a VIP, you’ll receive immediate discounts on supreme tasting, high quality e liquids and starter kits. Plus, you’ll receive notifications that include both vaping coupons and the latest e juice formulas as they become available. Every week we create new video recipes showing you how to create the finest e liquid combinations. It’s 100% free to become a VIP so join us now.

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Never settle for anything less than pure quality and delicious flavor. The e juices and recipes we recommend consist of supreme quality ingredients and wonderful flavors you’re sure to love. The Mig Vapor e liquids provide superior taste, producing the definitive vaping experience.

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From traditional ecig style, elegant sleek design and highly modifiable vapourette devices, these options provide the ultimate vape experience within their class. Here are the top rated vapourettes. Transitioning away from smoking? We highly suggest the Mig 21 pen.

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Why is the best online vape store: You’ll notice the majority of e liquid reviews and web vaping shops all provide a similar layout. Most ecig related sites position partner vapourette manufactures and e juice reviews in order of those providing the best return. At we research and analyze the top vaping products based on quality, flavor, design, performance and genuine vape juice reviews. We only endorse the highest rated e liquids and vapourettes approved by our community. For questions, requests or comments please contact us and we’ll respond promptly. Cheers ~ The BarVIP Support Team.

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    Having state of the art vaping gear
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    Premium quality vapor liquids that are unrivaled.

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    Unlimited delicious e juice combinations that create an amazing vapor cloud.

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Enjoy these amazing e juice recipes designed for the prestigious Mig Vapor brand.

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